It’s Friday!!!!

Good Morning All

Hope you are having a great day so far, I am. I have a few things to share this morning.

First I want to say Happy Birthday to my friend and co-worker Pattye…Happy Birthday!!
I made her a cake last night, nothing spectacular, but everyone should have cake on there Birthday right? Hopefully it will taste okay 🙂

Now for another layout. This one is with Tylann, which has to be one of the cutest baby/kiddo kits I have ever seen. I love these colors!!

Here is the Kit, click on picture for more info

Isn’t it just the cutest!!

So we have had a good week so far, it is nice to get a break from our son but we miss him at the same time. I am so lucky to have such wonderful in-laws. I know they will miss not having him but I am ready to get him back 😀
We meet them tomorrow so tonight is our last night to go out this week kid free. Wonder what we should do?

Anyway I hope you all have a Fantastic Friday!



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