Something I Discovered :)

So I have been wanting to share this with you forever now and I keep forgetting, surprising I know LOL (not).

I am sure you have all figured this out a long time ago and I am just now catching up, would not surprise me lol

So one day I was cooking something that I wanted to add sliced mushrooms to, because they are good in everything!
I had bought fresh mushrooms, but the whole ones because they always look better. So I wiped them own and then started to slice them when all at once I thought there has to be an easier way. Then it hit me, its easy to slice eggs with the right tool, right?
So yep you got it, I whipped out my handy dandy egg slicer. Which I also use for strawberrys  🙂

I went from having pretty whole mushrooms…

To having lovely slices!

All by using my egg slicer!!

How nifty is that! I will never slice mushrooms with a knife again!

Hope this helps you out!!

Have a great day



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