I am still around

I havent posted in a looooong while. Life has been busy since the first of the year. Busy with work, family life and in April I had neck surgery. Im good now, doing physical therapy and stuff.

I want to check in and let you all know that I am still alive 🙂

Also I wanted to share with you a great site I found called Crunchy Betty. It is a site that I have been reading alot and trying some of the things that Leslie talks about. Have you ever wanted to try more natural cleansers, remedies for your face and home? Then you should check out Crunchy Betty.

I am one of those people with oily skin and have all those wonderful continuous break-outs (even at 37). After reading these two posts from Leslie I have decided to try a natural approach to my face 🙂

The first one I read was about Honey Face Wash and then because I wear make-up I learned even more by reading Removing Your Makeup Honey Face Wash.

So I started this the other night and so far I love it. My face feels great and don’t have to use moisturizer!! Like I saidI have oily skin so someone with dry might feel they need it. I will continue to use this for a while more and let you know how it goes. I am very excited and hope that I can get my skin on track.




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