Going more natural

Hey everyone

I hope that you are all doing well and have had a great week so far. I am doing well, still going to physical therapy for my neck and still going more natural 🙂

So previously I shared with you all the wonderful things I have been learning about using natural items to cleanse my face. I am still to this day using my honey wash/mask and oils to cleanse my face. Still no major breakouts no extra oil and no moisturizer. The only thing I have put on my face that wasn’t from mother nature is a little bit of make-up. Still very happy with these methods and want to give so much thanks to Leslie at Crunchy Betty for opening my eyes and making it so easy to start.

So now I have started another natural cleaning method for my hair. They are the no ‘poo and sorta ‘poo that Leslie talks about on her site. I started with the sorta ‘poo and used Dr. Bronners Peppermint Castile for a couple of weeks. I have started doing the no ‘poo this week. I will probably only use the castile again when I do an oil mask or get too much in my hair from my oil cleansed face wash, I can be dangerous sometimes lol. I am trying out a few different things to control frizz since I have this crazy curly hair and live in the middle of …The Land of Humidity!!, gotta love the south 🙂

So that is about all I have to share today.

Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the day




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