Long, long time ago…

I made a post on my blog 🙂
It has been forever since I have written anything.

So many crazy life things going on in my world. Not going to get into all of that!

So anyway one of my last posts was about me discovering and doing somethings in my life the more “natural” way. I am still doing that 🙂 I have still been doing the no-poo method to wash my hair (thank you, crunchy betty).
I have found so many people that are doing this same thing, its great! Many, many blogs with suggestions, recipes and great ideas. I am having a blast.
I have started making my own face masks, toners, hair rinses, lotions, lipsticks, etc.. I love it.
I have even made lotion for my husband to use and he loves it, uses it everyday (never thought that would happen LOL)

I have a new venture now. I am gathering up supplies to start making my own cold process soaps 😀 Can’t wait to get everything together and get started.

I will share a hair rinse with you that I am just in love with, its is from http://www.humblebeeandme.com/

So the best thing to do along with the no-poo way of washing your hair is to use a Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. Makes all the difference in the world. Most people have a hard time with the smell, I did at first but once your hair dries its not a biggie. The smell though is not as terrible now that I have discovered this great new rinse I have started to use.

The Super Shiny ACV Hair Rinse – smells great and works wonderful. It has even extended the time between washing. Give it a try!

Tonight I am going to mix up some of this powder for my face. I will let you know how it goes.




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