So I made something new to try

So last post I said I was going to try something new. Blackhead cleansing powder that I saw on Humblebee&Me. So far it works pretty well, I think I will keep using it πŸ™‚

I recently made some lip gloss and I love it, so proud of myself LOL. I will share it with you too! I use to use Neutrogena Moisture Shine in the color Glow until I lost BOTH my tubs one day. I had one I carried in my purse and another in my makeup bag at home. I have no idea how anyone could lose two tubes of gloss at the same time but I can apparently…. So anyway I decided to look for a recipe for a gloss I could make myself and it would be all natural too. I found a great gloss recipe at Humblebee&Me (shocking, I know! LOL) Snow White Lip Gloss. I made some of my own adjustments to the gloss and I am very happy with the results, it is almost exactly like the other that I use to buy.

I will say having a scale that measures very small amounts is wonderful to have if you plan on making any type of cosmetics. I recently bought one so I could start making my own cold-process soap (that soon to come).

So here is the recipe I used for my gloss.

Pale Shimmer Gloss – FYI: This is great for using over lip liners and darker lipstick shades to give your lips more Oomph!!

4g beeswax – preferably white, the yellow may adjust the color.
5g coconut oil
14g castor oil
10g jojoba oil
1g vitamin E oil

4g vegetable glycerin
1 pinch of Β Red Sienna Sparkle
3 pinches of Pearl White Satin

8-10 drops peppermint essential oil – You don’t have to add, but I love the smell and to me it gives you a little love tingle when you put it on πŸ™‚


  1. Measure out the beeswax, then oils and melt them in a glass bowl or measuring cup over boiling water. Remove and let cool a good bit.
  2. While you are melting your oils, measure your glycerin and pinches of color into a small bowl. Mix these together till smooth, you do not want any clumps.
  3. When your oils have cooled to room temperature, add color mix and whisk til emulsified. Should not take too long at all. Mix in your essential oil if you want.
  4. Pour into tubes or jars. I did not have any tubes so I used an old glass jar from when I had some Burt’s Bees moisturizer.
  5. Enjoy!!

Remember you can try any color you wish, just start small and work your way up!!

If you try this, I would love to hear from you and let me know what you think.




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