Testing out new stuff

So since I posted last I have been trying to up my supply stash and have also ordered containers and things 😀

I am working on opening an Etsy store so that I can sell products that I make. I thought it would be nice for those that don’t want to stock up on lots of supplies and equipment just to make a few things. It can get expensive and take up a good bit of room. So keep a look out for another post soon about my store opening up. If you have suggestions for products please leave me a comment and let me know.

I have been trying out some new recipes for a few different products and also now have a mold made for some cold process soaps, yay.

Also I am very excited to say that we are getting new floors in our house, whoohooo. Very, very long time coming and much needed. The carpet we had was a contractor grade berber and it was almost solid white, ugh. Not good when you have a child, two dogs and a cat!!

So my awesome hubby has torn up all the floors in the kitchen, dining, den, hall and hall bath 🙂 We have been walking on concrete for a couple weeks. Which to me looks better than that terrible carpet did, even with all of the glue and paint still on it lol.

We finally found something we really like and within our budget! We found it at home depot.

It is the Daltile in Parkwood Brown




I think we will be very happy with it and cannot wait to see it all installed. My hubby has done tile with his parents before so we will be doing it ourselves. Well not “we” because of my back and neck issues he wont let me help lol but that is what makes him so wonderful 😀 My wonderful in-laws will be coming to help too.

I will share a pic when it is all put down!

School starting it has been very busy at home and at work. I cannot believe August is nearly over.

I am glad however that Monday I finally get to see the foot specialist so he can decide what we need to do about the TUMOR in my foot. Yes, according to the MRI I have a tumor in my foot. I have never heard of such. So anyway hopefully after Monday I will have more answers and know the next step to take. I sure does hurt alot and I am ready to get it fixed!

Hope everyone is doing well.





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