New Supplies and shipping issues

Hey ya’ll

Hope everyone is doing well. I am doing okay.

So previously I shared with you that I was having foot problems. So far no surgery is in the cards but I did get another steroid shot on the other side of my foot wish was fine until after the shot and then for about 3 days I could not walk on that foot at all!! Sucked, a lot. Apparently that was “normal” for “some” people to have that happen after that particular shot in that location of the foot. Anyway after lots of pain, swelling and bruising it started feeling great! for about 3 days 😦 Now it is back to hurting again and very annoying. I have a lace-up velcro brace thingy I am suppose to wear for a month for extra support on my ankle… Who knows what will happen next. I go back to the dr on the 25th of this month, so we shall see.

Anyway the new floors are still in the process. Unfortunately life has gotten in the way and we have not been able to lay anything down yet. The glue from the old laminate and carpet has to be scrapped up. So my hubby is doing some every night. Can’t wait till its over 🙂 ready to see the new floor!

So I am, was and am again, very excited about some new stuff/supplies I have ordered. Let me explain.

So about two weeks ago I ordered a new part for my home desktop computer. Got a notification about it on my phone that it had been delivered, got home and no package at the door. So I checked with the neighbors…nothing. So then I called UPS and they said that yes the package had been delivered but I would have to contact Amazon even though they are no the ones that actually delivered the package. To me that is just odd but okay, so I contact Amazon. The random person that is on the phone tells me that the package is not due till the 2nd (day after labor day) and to wait till then. I corrected him and told him that another package I had ordered was due on the 2nd but the current package was suppose to be at my front door according to UPS and the notification that I received. So then he proceeds to tell me that it is possible that the UPS driver could have accidentally scanned the package by mistake and listed it as delivered…to my front door :/ He asked that I wait till after the 2nd to see if the package was received. I said okay and told him I would call back after the second. I did not have it in me to argue with him that what he was saying made no since at all. I mean how do you accidentally scan a package and say that you left it at the front door, but whatever. So naturally after the 2nd the other package came and was at my door but the previous (missing) package never showed up. So I had to contact Amazon again and they refunded my money. Of course when I went to reorder the item the price had gone up, grrr. It is suppose to come today and I had it shipped to my work instead 🙂

So now a week or so later I am suppose to get another package, a Serger , which I am super excited about. I have wanted one for years. I get a notification while at work that the package has been delivered by FedEx and it was left at the front door. So when I get home guess what? Yep no package. Now I am pretty pissed, I mean really twice in less than two weeks. So I call FedEx and they verify with driver that he delivered the package etc… They say to wait and see if it shows up over the weekend and if not to call back. Well FedEx calls me again over the weekend to see if it had come on Saturday and it had not. Then the called me Monday morning to see if it had appeared and it had not. Then the driver actually comes to my house and talks to me for a few mins telling me how sorry he was that my package was missing but that he had delivered it to my front door, etc… Then he proceeds to tell me that they have received missing package calls from about 5 other people in my immediate area!! So then FedEx calls me later that day and told me that they were filing a report with the police and that I should do the same. So apparently we have a package thief that drives through the neighborhood and takes packages right off your front porch. I mean really, I cant believe people sometimes. You know you have no respect for anyone or anything to just walk up to someones front door and steal a delivered package. Ugh some people just amaze me, but not that i should surprise me at all, just crazy ass people. Good news is Amazon has sent me a replacement and I should get it today and I also had it sent to my work.

So I told you all this to say, be careful when you order things. Someone might just walk right up your sidewalk and steal it from your porch 😦

I have been very pleased with FedEx and Amazon. They have handled everything great and exactly the way your would hope they would.

So a few other goodies I got for my new store creations, like lotions, soaps and things. Store should open soon, still working on somethings.

So for my cold process soap making I got a temperature gun, silicone loaf pan and a bigger pyrex measuring cup.

Very excited to play with my new toys. This weekend should be fun!!

I will share more info and hopefully show you some pictures of whatever I create with them 😀

Hope everyone has a great weekend


*this post contains affiliate links


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